Abi’s 5 stop guide to Cambodia

Yes you're correct - I'm still banging on about Cambodia, but that's only because I am absolutely in love with the country and everything it has to offer. I originally planned a 3 week solo trip which turned into 7 weeks of exploring, volunteering and trotting around the country a second time with friends. AND, … Continue reading Abi’s 5 stop guide to Cambodia


Just some more pointless babble

Okay, so I'm starting to notice a pattern to when I actually make the effort to sit down and write something and a bit of a theme to it too, not the theme I intended on which is kind of annoying but these things happen hey. I am currently sat on my own (again), it's 7am on … Continue reading Just some more pointless babble

Travelling a rollercoaster

It's so easy to post stunning pictures and awesome videos of our travels for everyone to see, but travelling isn't all happy days. Don't get me wrong I have amazing experiences, meet amazing people and generally enjoy life. But then someone leaves, or you go somewhere new and start asking yourself 'what the hell am I doing here?!', or find yourself … Continue reading Travelling a rollercoaster